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We offer a wide range of antique and area rug cleaning and wall to wall carpet fitting. Only eco-friendly products. Located in South Slope, Brooklyn

High-Level Service, Affordable Cost

At Antique Rug Cleaning New Brooklyn we have years of experience when it comes to carpets and how they should be cleaned. We understand why clients love them - their look, their touch, their luxurious feel on the feet. What many people don't know, however, is that beneath the surface are all kinds of nasty things that are bad for your health, as well as your carpet.

The good news is that we know how to deep clean and our techniques dig deep into the fibers of your carpet, ensuring that all the grime, dust, dirt, odours and stains are gone. We take an extra step too - we use only eco-friendly cleaning products in our work. This is our commitment to your health and to sustainable living for the environment.

Whether it's dirt and grim or dust mites and nasty allergens, only a professional deep clean like ours can really rid your carpet of what’s hidden there. You might not be able to see what’s below but, trust us, you would rather they were not there. Still, once we’ve finished, they won’t be there!

Deep Cleaning Is The Way To Go

We have a routine that never fails when it comes to carpet cleaning and our customers over the years seem to be very happy. Here is what we do:

Inspection - we inspect the carpet, noting its state, any specific stains, patches, holes...this gives us a better idea of what treatment it needs.

Power vacuum - a deep vacuuming ensures dirt and grime come loose from deep inside the fibers. Allergens and dust mites will be shaken free too.

Pre-treatment - a conditioning spot and stain product is then applied - this will go to work on red wine, grease, coffee and pet urine stains!

Deep cleaning - using a hot water extraction method, and high-tech machinery we will set about deep cleaning your carpet.

Powerful and State-of-the-Art Machinery

At Antique Rug Cleaning Brooklyn, we only use the most powerful machinery. All of our machines consist of two tanks - one to spray hot, clean water on your carpet and the second to take out the dirty water. The fact that these two tanks don’t mix provides for a really good deep clean...one that keeps dirty water far away from your material.

Depending on your carpet’s condition (the material, the age) we also calibrate the machine to make sure it gets the correct water pressure. Too much or too little can damage the material.

Finally, we give your carpet another inspection to make sure it looks as it should. Once the pile is in order and the fringes are straightened you’re good to go - all you need to do is wait a few hours and then you can walk on it once more.

Antique Rug Cleaning Brooklyn also offers a comprehensive wall-to-wall carpet fitting service. This is carpet that is designed to cover your floor in one complete piece (or sometimes a few smaller pieces). It is a natural insulator therefore it will prevent both cool and warm air from escaping the room. It also absorbs sound and, unlike parquet, helps prevent children or ageing parents from slipping over. We will remove the doors and furniture in your room, then install the tackless strips and installation then carry out the seaming and stapling.

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