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Professional deep cleaning upholstery services in South Slope for chairs, sofas, loveseats and Ottomans. Affordable prices. 100% guarantee on all work.

Deep Cleaning That Makes Your Furniture Look New Again

Here at Antique Rug Cleaning Brooklyn, we know how much our customers love their upholstery and how important it is for them to keep dirt, grime, stains and spills from ruining their pieces. Whether you live alone, have a couple of kids, several pets or an office full of employees, the inevitable wear and tear that your upholstery goes through is - over time - going to leave it looking tired, faded, dirty or plain neglected. There’s only so much a simple vacuuming or a cloth with soap can do. Don’t fear however - this is where we can help!

We provide comprehensive upholstery cleaning service across South Slope and Brooklyn, NY, all designed to bring your couch, sofa, ottoman or love seat back to life. Our heavy-duty powerful machinery with two separate water tanks, is designed to blast away at stains, spots, spills and odors, giving the fabric a deep clean. Our hot water extraction method is complemented by our use of only organic products which leave no sticky residues or toxic chemicals behind. They’re completely natural and do just as good a job as traditional solutions.

Extend the Life of Your Furniture

We understand that upholstery cleaning is yet another daily expense and something we’d all like to avoid. However, it’s important to remember that regular furniture cleaning won’t just make your pieces look and smell better, it will also extend their life, which means you can save on the costly task of replacing them. Look upon this expense as a small outlay, every year or so, which can save you thousands in the long run.

The health benefits of upholstery cleaning are also incredibly worthwhile. Any thorough cleaning process kills all kinds of bacteria on your furniture’s material, leaving it incredibly clean. Our methods also eliminate all kinds of bad smells - whether your furniture is just a bit musty or smelling like your family pet! Deep cleaning is also a very good way to keep allergies at bay, helping a child with asthma or an employee with skin rashes. Finally, upholstery cleaning dramatically improves your air quality, making your space much more pleasant and clean to work, sleep or enjoy yourself in.

Don’t settle for shabby and tired furniture - call one of our team now to find out more about our services and obtain a free no-obligation quote.

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